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Who are we?

We at Sowpey Games, thrive to deliver the perfect gaming experience to our users. All our games are easy to play which are made to put a smile on your face every time you play it. You can count on Sowpey Games to deliver the most engaging gaming experience on your mobile device. Sowpey Games - Play & Gain

Our Games

Ping Pong Mania!! Do you love Ping Pong or Table Tennis? Then this is the game for you! Ping Pong Mania is a casual multiplayer game, which has fun and hilarious stickman characters.
You are a Ping Pong player, determined to become the world’s best. On your journey, you will face Bosses from many countries like USA, Australia, UK, India, Japan, South Korea, China etc.….
Ping Pong Mania is a smart game which will test your reaction time and quickness. You will have to decide quickly, otherwise you may miss the shot. There are also many power-ups you can use to give a tough challenge to your opponent.


Game Modes:

We have worked very hard to create a casual Ping Pong game that can be enjoyed by players of every age and demographic.

We hope you enjoy Ping Pong Mania!!

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Contact Us

Address: 2055 Limestone Road, STE 200-C, Wilmington, Delaware 19808, USA.

Email: support@sowpey.com